3. “Marlena” of Michigan, AKA the Book that took me back to High School

(I’m trying to read a book from each state this year for my Make America Read Again project. This is my Michigan pick.) 


So remember how last week’s book review was light and frothy? Well. This week’s book for Michigan is the exact opposite. Instead, it’s a story of an intense high school friendship, the lure of addiction, and the spiraling effect of small events in life.  This book swept me back to my own high school years, the (mostly) pre-Facebook and smart phone and economic collapse era, the years of locker room rumors and AP testing and field parties that, despite your best intentions, shape a part of your adulthood in ways you don’t always realize until much later.

Let’s get into it.

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Boy, Snow, Bird

This book, y’all.  It seriously made me feel some kind of way.  And by “some kind of way,” I mean I experienced a multitude of emotions and opinions on the story, the writing, the characters and flip-flopped on my opinion of the book about five times. Let’s discuss.


Picture credit: Goodreads

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