Review Policy

Thanks for coming to Green Gables State of Mind, and I’m honored that you would choose me to review your story!  I am currently accepting review requests, however, I have particular taste out of necessity (so many books, so little time, am I right?).  If it appears that you have ignored my review policy page completely before sending a request, it will be an automatic “thanks, but no thanks.”

I accept both egalley’s (as long as I can easily put them on my iPad or Kindle) and hard copy ARC’s.  For inquiries as to how you can ship ARC’s please email  

Stories I Will Usually Accept (those with ** are special favorites):

  • Literary/Contemporary Fiction **
  • Magical Realism **
  • Historical Fiction
  • Travel Writing **
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • Crime Drama
  • Food Writing
  • New Journalism
  • Essays
  • Memoirs **
  • Health, Diet, Fitness, Modern Medicine Non-fiction
  • YA Historical Fiction/occasionally YA fantasy

Thanks again for letting me read your stories!