Holiday Gift Guide for the Jet-Setting Bibliophile

With the holidays quickly approaching, I’ve been spending a good deal of my free time shopping for friends and family, so I’ve got gift inspiration on the brain. And since my blog is all about some book-loving and wanderlusting, I realized that a gift guide combining these two interests was a natural fit. Here’s some holiday inspiration for any traveling bibliophiles in your life :).



Links here: 1. | 2. | 3.| 4.| 5.| 6.|7.|8.|9.|

  1. Kindle (or accessories): I know most dedicated readers have some sort of portable reading device at this point, but perhaps your loved one has an older version that’s starting to act up. Alternatively, you could grab them a stylish cover or a reading light for them to read on the plane at night without bothering fellow passengers, or even a gift card to Amazon for new book downloads! I’ve got some “travel” reading suggestions here and here.
  2. Travel Journal: so you can record your awesome travel memories and read over them in the future.
  3. Stylish headphones: so you can listen to those audiobooks on the plane while looking cute at the same time!
  4. Travel Writing: If you want to give a book to a jet-setter, pick some fun travel writing to get them in the spirit for their next trip! Goodreads has some great suggestions on this list.
  5. Book Lovers Soy Candle: If your friends are stuck at home this winter, they can still be transported to a different time and place with these yummy literary-themed candles!
  6. Cord Tacos: for those like me who are OCD and want their carry-on as organized as possible!
  7. Dry Bar Travel Pack: For those long international flights when you start to feel gross and your hair falls flat. I especially love their dry shampoo and triple sec texturizer.
  8. Travel Perfume: So you smell fresh and clean right off the tarmac!
  9. Power Charger: These portable devices are crucial if your plane doesn’t have a charging station, especially for long flights or if you’re sitting forever in the terminal due to delays.

What are you giving the jet-setter in your life for Christmas? What other gift guides would you like to see? Comment below!


One thought on “Holiday Gift Guide for the Jet-Setting Bibliophile

  1. Ooh, I’ve never come across cord tacos before and I now realise that’s what my life has been missing all these years! Must add them to my note for Santa…

    (Did you spot that this quickly turned into gifts for ME rather than other people? I’m sure this is where I always go wrong with this gift-shopping thing… 😉 )


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