“Today Will be Different” + Back from India!

Y’all, I made it back from India!

My Tables of Content Jaipur

More on our adventures in another post, but first let’s get to reviewing some of the books I read on my trip!


For those of you who haven’t experienced the pure enjoyment of reading a Maria Semple novel, now is your chance. Following up on her widely successful Where’d you Go, Bernadette?, she recently released a new story about a mom, her son, and one very interesting day.

I read this book in a single sitting (I mean, I had a 9 hour flight so I had endless amounts of time in that sitting); it’s a short story, practically a novella, and the pages fly by. The main character is so relatable, too – a mom who is trying her best to “be better” but always feeling like she has fallen short in some way. ¬†On this particular day, she has committed to her quest for “self-improvement,” but between her child’s illness, her husband’s strange behavior, and her friends’ dramas, one tangent leads to another.And you’re hooked the entire time!

In such a short little book, Semple covers so many topics, both mundane and profound – pop culture, religion, the private school social construct, gender identity, art, hipster culture – you name it, she references or explores it in a wry, smart manner.

Tl;dr: 4.5/5 stars. I only wish it had been longer. READ IT!

Anyway, get ready for lots of stories about India later this week once I get my pictures edited!

P.S. Are y’all ready for Thanksgiving this week, my fellow Americans? What are you cooking up this week? I’ll be baking my favorite pecan pie :).


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