Halloween Reads: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Happy Halloween, y’all! Got any fun parties to attend tonight? What’s your costume going to be?

As a kid, I didn’t care that much for Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I always loved an excuse for free candy and a stylish princess costume, but it just wasn’t something I obsessed over either. However, over the past couple of years I’ve had a lot of fun at Halloween parties, or even evenings spent at home watching Halloween TV episodes while handing out candy to the kids that come by our neighborhood. Tonight we’re gonna have Hocus Pocus in the background while we celebrate :).

Anyway, in honor of the spooky season, I’ve been reading a few suspenseful reads to get in the “spirit” (see what I did there?). Enter Blake Crouch’s latest, Dark Matter.

My Tables of Content Dark Matter

I suppose we’re both just trying to come to terms with how horrifying infinity really is.

Jason Dessen has a happy, predictable life – a loving wife and smart son, a good job as a professor, and a cozy home. Of course, everything isn’t perfect; Jason had lots of potential with his research in grad school, but he discontinued when his artist-wife became pregnant with their son, and sometimes Jason is a little wistful for his dashed potential for fame. Overall, though, he seems happy with his life and his routine.

…All that changes, though, when he’s attacked one night and abducted.  He wakes up in an unknown building, a stranger smiling down at him and saying, “Welcome back, my friend.”

Everything Jason has known is turned upside down – his wife is not his wife. His son doesn’t exist. He isn’t a local professor, but a renowned scientist who’s been working on a big discovery the past couple of years.

Has he gone crazy? Is he in a deep dream? Has he traveled to a different world? I raced through the book to find out.

Personal Cogitations

I don’t really want to disclose too much at the risk of spoiling this book (it’s one of those that has so many twists and turns that you can easily ruin the experience), but I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a page-turner. The author does a great job of pulling from multiple genres, without resorting to stereotypes.

Part love-story, part science-fiction, part suspense, this novel really gripped me. It was a pleasant surprise – when Crown publishing sent me this book, I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it.  After all, I’m not much of a science fiction girl, and I’m a wimp when it comes to “scary stories.” However, this book really hit the spot.

Although it’s definitely a page-turner type of book, it also has some depth to it. It made me think about the nature of our world and research ethics and destiny…ok, I’ll have to stop before I give too much away. Seriously, just read the book !

Tl;dr:  4/5 Stars. Read it if you like genre-bending suspense!


Now, everyone enjoy your Halloween! And if you’re looking for a great Halloween tv episode to watch, pick Parks and Rec’s “Greg Pikitis” for the ultimate Halloween comedy!



Tell me about your Halloween plans in the comments below!!


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