Back from Hibernation

Hi, everyone! I am ACTUALLY alive, I promise! I just had to disappear for a couple of weeks.


For those of you that noticed, apologies for the sudden disappearance. I was hired for a couple of freelance writing projects (!! so fun!!) that took up a majority of my free time. Then, I had my big bad dental licensing practical exam this past weekend, so I had to do a lot of preparations for that. Lastly, I had a big job interview which fortunately went extremely well! So fingers crossed my test scores are good so I can move forward with a new job that’ll combine my interest in healthcare and writing!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Anyway, all this is to say that I’m back to the blog and will hopefully return to my normal posting schedule :). To make up for all the books I HAVEN’T read these past two weeks, I will be having my own personal readathon for the next few days! Can’t wait to catch up on some good books (I’m thinking A Passage to India, The Nix, and FINALLY finishing Bleak House) and tell y’all all about it! I’ll also be making a post about my trip to Boulder, CO for the test!

What have y’all been reading lately? What cities have you been visiting? I want to hear!


5 thoughts on “Back from Hibernation

  1. Hi . Lovely post . I was out of state for two weeks.. I have been travelling… had also been to my maternal place shortly… felt good to take a break.. now I’m back to life …I’m back to normalcy.. I remember , I last read Agatha Christie – “And then there were none”.. on my flight to Delhi.. It has been a great start for me this October. Fantastic October – and a super end of September.. looking forward to few assignments… My next break will be hopefully in new year ..
    Take care ,
    Love Fatma

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