Fanciful Friday: BIRTHDAY edition!

Today is one of the best days of the year…fall has offically begun, the weekend is upon us…and it’s my 29th birthday!!!


I’m celebrating with a few of my favorite things today, like….

Rewatching “You’ve Got Mail” for the 1,435,954 time


“You’ve Got Mail” is my favorite movie of all time.  It’s filled with books, romantic emails, banter for days, and TOM HANKS. What more could you ask for, people? It’s also my go-to movie for fall, which is obviously my favorite season since my birthday falls at the beginning of autumn. If you haven’t seen this movie at least five times, you need to fix that right away.



Spin Class


I became obsessed with spinning this spring thanks to a free class from Soul Cycle in Boston.  I feel so empowered and strong after each class, and my legs are always shaking like jelly (in the best way) and I don’t feel guilty about stuffing my face with a burger later.  Though Atlanta doesn’t have the Soul Cycle franchise here, they have a plethora of other fun beat-driven spin classes.  I usually am not willing to spend money for a class when I have a free gym in my apartment, but for my birthday I splurged and I just got back from an awesome class! Which leads me to my next birthday item agenda…


French Fries


If I could get away with eating french fries every day, I would.  They are my favorite guilty pleasure, except I don’t really feel guilty about it. #sorryimnotsorry


Champagne and Chocolate-Covered Strawberries


Because obviously there’s more than one food item on my favorite things!  I’m not a huge cake person, but my favorite dessert is oddly chocolate-covered strawberries, and this year my husband made sure to grab me a box full of them, along with some delicious champagne.  I can’t wait to sip on some bubbly while watching…

Gilmore Girls


My all-time favorite show. Their fast-talking banter, literary references, and obsession with caffeine are a triple threat for me.  I’ll be binge watching this for a while, and going back and forth with…

Book after Book after Book


…you didn’t actually think I would spend my birthday without a few of these, right? 😉  Already have a couple my mom sent me as a birthday gift picked out and sitting by the couch, ready for me to crack open!

And there you have it folks, my ideal birthday!! Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend as I pretend that I’m actually turning 21 instead of 29…man those years flew by.

My Tables of Content England 2008

Me on my actual 21st birthday, on study abroad in York, England

Happy weekend, loves! What are your plans for the first weekend of Autumn??


3 thoughts on “Fanciful Friday: BIRTHDAY edition!

  1. Happy Birthday!! You’re way too young to be pretending to be 21 – you have to be at least 40 before you’re allowed to lie about your age! I, of course, am only 21… and have been for many, many years now… 😉 Enjoy your day!


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