Sunset Cruise on the Danube

Oh Budapest, you were a dream!  Although we’re still recovering from our jet lag and sun burns, I couldn’t wait another day to write about our wonderful trip to Eastern Europe.

We made many memories in Budapest, thanks to our travel company, Boutique Journeys, and our own research and planning, but our favorite activity of the trip BY FAR was our river boat cruise along the Danube River.

Budapest River Cruise

What a sunset!

champagne dreams Danube river cruise

Enjoying the view

Our impeccable views of the magical sunset, historical buildings, and glorious landmarks while sipping on a bottle of champagne was a once in a lifetime event.  We felt like members of the Austrio-Hungarian empire for a couple of hours as we watched the sunset.

champagne dreams Danube river


Budapest Danube River Cruise Parliament Bridge

Cruising by the Parliament building

Danube River Cruise

Who’s the captain now?

Chain Bridge Budapest

Chain Bridge at sunset

…then zig zagged across the river as the buildings and bridges began lighting up one by one in the darkness.



Lighting up the night!

Parliament Budapest

Hello, gorgeous!

Everything from Gellert Hill and Statue to the infamous Elisabeth bridge felt within our grasp. Giggly from the champagne and the bouncing boat as it races across the choppy waters, we felt like members of Gatsby’s entourage. We befriended our boat captain, Dominik, and his assistant as they told us about how much they loved their hometown. It was a magical evening!

Our river cruise was private; however, there are a variety of cruise options.  Check out Boutique Journeys or Budapest River Cruise for more information.

And this was only our first night in Budapest! More posts on our adventures to come soon…

Luxury River Cruise Budapest

Perfect start to our trip!


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