Vacation Reading – Mexico Edition

My husband and I are leaving for Mexico in just a few hours, and I can’t wait!  We’ve never really stayed at an “all inclusive” type of resort before; typically we like to hotel-hop and don’t like being confined to one area.  However, after a hectic couple of months we want to just relax, sip on some fruity drinks, and kick up our feet.  And of course, I’ll have a stack of books by my cabana chair :).  The nondigital books that I am slipping into my bag:



Everyone has a different strategy for vacation reading.  I personally like to keep a variety of books available – a classic (in this case, Tender is The Night, which I’m about 75% through), a “tropical” fiction (Enchanted Islands), a couple of books from my natural go-to genre, “Four Friends in NYC living life” (Three-Martini Lunch, Tuesday Nights in 1980), and a couple of nonfiction selections (Provence, 1970).  I also usually like to keep a light, laugh out loud kind of book at hand – which I have in audiobook this time, Jessi Klein’s You’ll Grow Out of It.

…And in case those aren’t enough books, I have a few e-reader books on my potential reading list (Elena Ferrante’s Neopolitan novels, Delia Ephron’s latest novel, and The Woman In Cabin 10 to throw in a little literary suspense novel).  I think I’ll keep myself busy this week ;).  Not sure how I’m also going to fit time in for the bike rides, spa treatments, and snorkeling adventures!


How about y’all, what kind of books do you tend to read on vacation? What’s your favorite book you’ve read by the pool or curled up in a summer house?  I’d love to hear your recommendations!

Happy reading, everyone! See ya when we get back…hopefully with a tan! XO



3 thoughts on “Vacation Reading – Mexico Edition

  1. What a great TBR! I really need to read another work by Fitzgerald besides The Great Gatsby (which I’ve already read twice) so maybe I’ll pick up Tender is the Night soon. I tend to read longer books on vacation because I finally have the time to dedicate to them.
    Have a lovely trip!

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  2. I love Tender is the Night! How are you finding it? I’ve stopped taking more than one book with me on holiday, since I always finish everything within 2 days. I just rely on the hostel bookshelf and I hope that I’ll find something interesting. I guess that’s not an option in a fancy-pants hotel 🙂 Also, get started on the Ferrante Neopolitan books! The series is incredible and it is no exaggeration that it changed my life.

    I wrote a post about this about holiday reading the other week: You could check it out!

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